I'm thrilled that you're here!

I'm Sara, and I've been photographing weddings since 2006,

and I'm still in love with my work.

I'm an incurable romantic who dedicates her life to the art of love in all its facets. I consider it an immense privilege to witness this universal feeling.


I'm passionate about fashion, design, and the month of May. I adore the scent of small bookstores, evenings spent watching Netflix, coffee, gourmet cuisine, and the strength of Wonder Woman. I love classical dance, black and white photos, psychological thrillers, dark chocolate, dogs, and peonies. I'm fascinated by tattoos, love organizing, listening to, and immersing myself in pop-up books.

Historic homes and all beautiful things have a special place in my heart.

I'm a mother of two wonderful children, and thanks to them,

I appreciate photography even more. Time flies, and I often find myself lost in memories while looking at photos, aware of how precious every moment is.

I am a wedding photographer based in Calabria, in the evocative South of Italy,
and I dedicate myself to capturing elegant and exclusive weddings through photography,
allowing myself to be surprised and fascinated by the uniqueness of each event.

My love for photography has its roots in my childhood, where I had the privilege of developing film alongside my father, a professional photographer. The moments shared in the darkroom were a magical game for me, a special opportunity for connection.

Holding in my hands the images of smiling, excited, and shy people fueled a passion that, at the time, I didn't know would become a fundamental part of my life.

I am passionate about traveling and drawing inspiration from new places, which has led me to work throughout Italy and abroad. I am grateful to have seen, experienced, and met people and places from different parts of the world, thus enriching my collection of experiences and influences.


Fashion is for me a constant stimulus for the pursuit of aesthetics and beauty that do not overshadow reality but enhance it.

This philosophy is reflected in my images, which are elegant, emotional, timeless, and with a distinctive editorial touch.

I am excited to continue narrating stories through my lenses and capturing unique moments that become indelible memories for the couples who choose to entrust themselves to my attentive and passionate gaze.


E' davvero straordinario rivivere delle emozioni così uniche senza bisogno di chiudere gli occhi…Ogni singolo scatto, ogni singola immagine racconta il turbinio di emozioni e sentimenti del giorno più bello della nostra vita. Trovare su internet delle belle immagini non è difficile… trovare una fotografia così emozionante e coinvolgente è raro; questa è Arte. Ci tengo tanto a fare questa recensione in quanto sceglierei altre mille volte Sara e sono sicura di ingaggiarla in tutti i miei eventi da ricordare.

Antonietta & Giuseppe

We had the pleasure of having Sara take our engagement photos in beautiful Tropea! We came across Sara as a recommendation, and after seeing her work we were extremely pleased and booked her immeaditely. We spent our engagement session with Sara and her husband. They were such a pleasure to be around and made us feel very comfortable. Sara had some ideas for different shots, but she was also very open to our ideas, and she mainly captured our natural interactions and walk through town. We felt like Sa

Gabby & Gianmarco

Desideravamo che rimanesse un dolce ricordo del nostro matrimonio. Sara e Dany sono riusciti catturare con le foto i momenti più belli ed emozionanti della giornata con la loro professionalità e serietà ma soprattutto passione, riuscendo a cogliere ogni emozione e ogni sfumatura mettendoci davvero a nostro agio. Consigliatissimo!!!

Alfredo & Ilaria


Editorial & Fine Art Photography

To ensure each client receives a top-quality experience, we accept a limited number of dates. We dedicate the entire day to a single wedding, following it with care and dedication from the shooting phase to the delivery of the final results.

I really love black and white blogs because they have a timeless style and an elegant look. However, when we seek a strong message through our photos, we often use color to harness its expressive power.

In fact, about 70% of our photos are delivered in color!